Friday, November 18, 2016

Dear Joshua and Adelaide

Amanda was my best friend in elementary school. I have the best memories of lip syncing to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and many other 90s bands in her basement. We attended a kids camp one summer together. Her mom would drive us there in the morning and my mom would pick us up. We had a great childhood. Then we both moved away to different areas. 

I remember when Amanda lost her twins back in 2013. I was so devastated for her and I thought to myself "wow, I could never be that strong." What a strong spirit she must have been to have not only one but TWO angel babies waiting for her in heaven. Fast forward to three years later when I lost my Sadie. Amanda didn't hesitate to reach out to me and be such a strong inspiration to me. She has given me so much hope and so much help as I grieve for the loss of my Sweet Sadie A. Amanda thank you for submitting a letter and being such an inspiration to me and the rest of our readers! Happy Birthday sweet Joshua and Adelaide! I know Sadie is enjoying your birthday with you in Heaven.